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Tina Sardary is a transactional lawyer with expertise in building businesses’ legal foundations, from their inception and during company growth, in order to deter possible exposure to litigation and financial loss in the future. She also practices a similar method of building solid groundwork for the future for her individual clients.

Iranian Bankruptcy Attorney

Tina Sardary | تینا سرداری Legal Services for Businesses

From the start of any business’ creation, it undergoes many different junctures, both big and small.

Your company might be just forming into a separate legal entity from yourself, growing into a franchise business, or winding down at its dissolution. With applicable laws changing almost every day, it’s important to know that you are making the right choices for your company and its employees.

By ensuring your business is meeting its legal obligations, you can help prevent future litigation and financial loss. Taking the necessary, small steps to make sure your business is compliant with governing laws is not only economically efficient but wise business practice for its longevity.

At every major step in your business’ life span, we can help you make sound decisions supported by legal and financial analysis to deter any negative legal consequences and ensure ease of execution.

Relevant Areas of Law: Iranian Bankruptcy Attorney

Business Formation and Dissolution

  • Creating business entities of all types, including obtaining a business license(s) and permit(s). Advising and aiding in the process of business dissolution and winding down.


  • Tina Sardary Advising on matters pertaining to compliance of relevant laws, regulations, public policy, and industry standards.

Contracts Review, Drafting, and Negotiating

  • From setting up Employee Handbooks, Non-Disclosure Agreements, negotiating contract terms with vendors and suppliers to sale and purchase agreements.

Mergers & Acquisitions and Due Diligence

  • Agreement drafting and negotiating as well as thorough legal and financial investigation and analysis before any major business sale or purchase. Major transactions include mergers, tender offers, sales of equity interest, spin/split-offs, carve-outs, and the like. 


  • Tina Sardary has Advising and representing businesses in bankruptcy.


  • An alternative to litigation with a neutral/unbiased mediator.