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Shahnam Yazdani


DUIs and DWIs  can have life changing affect on your life. Learn more about possible penalties, the difference between DUI and DWI, what the officer is looking for during a DUI investigation, what to expect at the MVA or DMV, and how a DUI or DWI can affect your life.


Whether you have been charged with assault, burglary, drug possession, fraud, or other misdemeanors or felonies, you need to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney about the possible outcomes and defenses to your charges. Each case has specific facts that must be thoroughly investigated.

Practice Areas Criminal Defense Personal Injury 

Shahnam Yazdani is the founder of Yazdani Law Group, LLC in . As a former public defender, she  has the in-depth knowledge and extensive trial experience to craft a thorough strategy for your case. She has handled hundreds of criminal cases including felony charges, domestic violence charges, juvenile charges, probation violations, traffic cases, DUIs, and more.

We understand the impact your case can have on your life and the stress it can create. That’s why it’s important to us to listen to our clients and build a relationship with our clients so we can better serve them.


Car accidents, slip and falls, cycling accidents, and other incidents of another person’s negligence can have long lasting impact on your life and livelihood. Learn what you can do to maximize the value of your case and common things to avoid after an injury causing event.

Shahnam Yazdani is Aggressive, experienced, and diligent criminal defense and personal injury attorney. Our strategy leaves no stone unturned in preparing your case. An experienced trial attorney that is here to listen to you, guide you and fight for you every step of the way. Call today for your free consultation

Shahnam Yazdani |Top Persian Personal Injury Lawyer in Maryland

From the first day we meet with you, we will be preparing your case for trial – conducting a comprehensive investigation and strategizing with trial in mind. When it’s time for you to decide between going to trial or taking a plea or settlement offer, you will be made aware of all of the evidence, strengths, and weaknesses of your case so you can make an informed decision with confidence.

She has also served as an independent professional adviser in structured settlement sales.

Shahnam Yazdani, Criminal & Personal Injury Lawyer


  • University of Maryland, College Park, B.A.
  • Washington & Lee University School of Law, J.D.

Awards and Honors