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Member of the Royal Dutch Association for International Law

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Masoud Taheri | مسعود طاهری

OUR RECORDS SPEAKS FOR ITSELF, The most powerful team to defend you, And we have once again successfully completed more than 83.7% of completed cases in 2015 and secured the rights of our clients.

We are an international law firm focused on perfection. Under the supervision of one of the most wayward yet sharp-minded trial lawyers in the country, Mr. M. Taheri, our law firm has been attributed to the trade of always finding a solution to achieve success for our clients.

We are a member of the Royal Dutch Association for International Law (Dutch: KNVIR) and the International Law Association (ILA). Besides this, our trial and corporate lawyers in the Netherlands are members of the Dutch Lawyers Association (Dutch: NJV). Some of our lawyers are also members of the Association of Civil Servants & Law (Dutch: VA&R) and the Association for Labour Law (Dutch: VvA).

Joint Ventures

A joint venture is a certain form of cooperation where the collaborating organizations bring a part of their capacity into a new company and develop a new project where the involved companies share all the risks. The participating companies …

Masoud Taheri | Top Persian lawyer in Netherlands

Corporate Law

Corporate law is not a defined jurisdiction but span in multiple specialties. Our firm can assist you with the structure of your company to be incorporated and subsequently also with the contractual and labor issues that come with it. And of … Intellectual Property, so-panel widget widget_black

M. Taheri (LL.M) A sharp-minded corporate&trial lawyer with many years of experience in navigating legal procedures. Taheri has a strong analytical way of thinking through which he can (almost) find a solution for any legal predicaments. To represent his clients in the best possible way Taheri has deepened his knowledge concerning several legal areas. Although the result is important, the quality of the service is not less for him.

masoud Taheri | مسعود طاهری Ondanks haar relatief korte intreden in de juridische Wereld Heeft Bhajan bewezen een sterk verdedigingsgevoel te hebben waardoor zij iedere zaak tot het uiterste onderzoekt. Als afgestudeerde jurist met een pre-master in het Nederlands Recht, is Bhajan gespecialiseerd op het aansprakelijkheidsrecht, letselschade en verbintenissenrecht. Momenteel verdiept Bhajan zich in familierechtzaken die door de kantonrechter behandeld worden.

International Law Firm Taheri is een internationaal opererend kantoor die aan zowel ondernemers als particulieren juridische bijstand en advies, alsook procesvertegenwoordiging biedt. Sinds diens oprichting, in 2009, heeft ons bedrijf effectieve, betaalbare en meestal niet-traditionele juridische oplossingen voor onze cliënten verzorgd.