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Malekpour Legal Institute

Immigration consultant. Visa services, immigration consult and our legal institute will provide you with answered and guidance through residency and immigration.

Most important role of our immigration consulting institute is to be sure of getting the right information from best Persian language consultants all over the world.

Malekpour Legal Institute obliged himself to provide the best consulting and guidance for its clients with connection with its best and most professional lawyers around the world due to obtaining visa and residency through different ways.

Immigration to countries, Immigration will happen through certain ways:

  • Immigration through work
  • Immigration through asylum (our services won’t include this section)
  • Immigration through education
  • Immigration through investment
  • Immigration through birth
  • Immigration through marriage

In Malekpour Legal Institute website you will be introduced to different ways of immigration to most important and best countries in the world.

If you are interested in immigration to countries through one of these ways you can just simply call us.

Our consultants won’t charge you anything for a primary assessment and consultation. Free immigration consultant is usually for 5-10 minutes

For getting full information about your intended countries and residence services in Europe you can click in the link about Malekpour Legal Institute website Europe residence services.

Europe residence and other countries

Europe residence and citizenship nowadays are more popular. Like Dr Malekpour founder of theoretical and legal discussions on residence and citizenship mentioned before those days that United states was the best and most desirable immigration destination for everyone is over. Europe residence nowadays means residence in all the beautiful and first-class European countries.

EU and Schengen convention could make the possibility of trade and transfer between all of its members. 

Malekpour Legal Institute, Persian Immigration Consultant in Vienna

European residence contains which countries?

  • Germany residence
  • Austira residence
  • Switzerland residence
  • Sweden residence
  • Norway residence
  • Slovakia residence