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Kousha Berokim

Kousha Berokim A good lawyer is not one who knows the answer; a good lawyer is one who knows how to find the answer. Kousha Berokim has litigated over 200 civil cases, mostly in usury, finance, real estate, employment, or commercial disputes. Throughout it all, Berokim has come to appreciate that every case presents a different and new set of facts, laws, and ultimately litigation strategy.

Litigation is a skill-set compromised of the ability to examine every small factual and legal detail while keeping the focus on the ‘big picture’ perspective.

Alongside Jasmine Duel, Berokim understands that experience is not a substitute for preparation; rather, our combined litigation experience helps better prepare.

Kousha Berokim received a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and received his Juris Doctorate degree from the Southwestern University of Law in Los Angeles. Prior to forming Berokim & Duel, P.C., Berokim worked for and with capable and seasoned trial attorneys, William G. Moore, Gregory Byberg, and Thomas Hanrahan.

Usury & Lending Laws Usury & Lending Laws Usury and Lending Laws; Enforcement and Defense of Notes and Guaranties The California Constitution limits the interest that can be charged on a non-exempt loan to no more than ten percent (10%) per year. There is nothing black and white about usury.

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Given that the usury law is complex and is riddled with so many exceptions that the law’s application itself seems to be the exception rather than the rule. The two most common exemptions to usury are loans made to corporations and loans arranged by a licensed broker.

A borrower may be entitled to money damages for all monies paid and treble (three times) damages based on interest paid during the last two years prior to filing a lawsuit, as well as cancellation of future interest payments.

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