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Nikmaram Law Office is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The founder, lawyer Farhad Nikmaram, has 24 years of experience in practicing law.

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In 1963, Turkey and the European Union (EEC) partnership agreement signed between (19 September 1980 1/8), should have the rights that had gotten the Turkish citizens restrictions can not be imposed, the protection of existing rights and must practice.

TURKEY-EU partnership and Law should (EEC) and the European Economic Community Treaty signed between Ankara and Turkey. Turkey added that the protocol should the European and Turkish citizens have the right to equality closer to EU citizens. . Turkish companies have the right to open tenders in the EU countries and to open tenders. In accordance with the laws and rules in force on January 1, 1973, the company has the right to provide settlement services.

Pursuant to Article 57 of the Partnership Addendum Protocol, Turkish companies are entitled to participate in tenders under the same conditions with EU companies within the EU. unfair restrictions that are made are not legally Turkey and Ankara Treaty of made Partnership law between the EU Article 9 You are also restricting the rights that exist in many EU countries is contrary to the stated equality law and the rules are and insist on the application.

All of the cases brought by the Turkish citizens who face these problems to the European Court of Justice have been won. In addition, the European Court of Justice has ruled that the unfair application of Turkish citizens in all decisions made by the Ankara Convention on the rights of 1/80 cannot be imposed. Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands have decided to follow these rules and adhere to the law. It has decided to abide by the Treaty, which cannot impose restrictions on adherence to the existing Treaty.