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Ali MirMohammad Rezaei, the knowledge of Business Law is considered as the key to success in any organization. In order to guarantee your success, we have developed significant expertise in different teams such as Legal, Business & Banking, Customs & Transport, and Medical team, assisting our clients with a broad range of services.

Having resources in Asia, Europe and North America (USA & Canada), our main European office is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, coordinating our Legal and Business activities in various European countries including Germany and UK. Our lawyers working at the office located in Iran are actively managing our activities in different Asian countries, focusing on Middle East countries.

Ali MirMohammad Rezaei Practice areas

  •     Business Law
  •     Civil Rights
  •     International Trade
  •     Taxation
  •     Wills / Estate Planning

We developed significant expertise in different teams such as Legal, Business law ,…

  • Official Counselling Acceptance
  • Commercial Affairs Counselling Acceptance
  • Looking for Iranian Immigrant’s Affairs in IRAN
  • Embassy and Immigration Pursuit
  • Insurance, Commercial and trade Delegation Acceptance
  • Free legal and Judiciary Counselling
  • Acceptance of Judgment and Settlement
  • Family, non-litigious, penal, legal and judicial Affair Acceptance
  • Insurance, Commercial and official Counselling Acceptance
  • University application
  •  Resident Immigration

Ali MirMohammad Rezaei provide various consultation services, ranging from legal consultation and contract services to credit rating services. For more detailed information about the services that we are providing, please refer to “Services”.

Ali MirMohammad Rezaei, Best Persian International Trade lawyer in London

Our success is mainly based on the efficient communication between our teams consist of experienced lawyers, highly skilled (legal & business) consultants, doctors, and medical scientists, on one hand, and effective communication between these teams and our clients. Particularly, our legal management team in close cooperation with our Business & Banking managers develops strategies supporting our clients with their activities related to Business Law.

  • Company Registration Commercial documents
  • Create the International Bureau Commercial Insurance Financial International transport
  • Commercial audit International customs administration
  • Validation of commercial International fiscal
  • Negotiation Commercial Regulatory consultant in the medical
  • Oil and Gas and petrochemical Forex