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Akbar khodadadi

International Cadre International Registered in Turkey with tax number 3 in the tax office of Majidiye Koy in Istanbul, with numerous branches in Iran, Turkey, Georgia, and Poland as well as partner offices in Europe It is internationally accredited.

And in the area of legal and immigration affairs, it has certain distinctive features and facets in its organization. These funds have made a significant contribution to the advice of work, residence, life and migration and investment in Turkey. And it has created a special competitive advantage.

Therefore, it has been able to show greater efficiency and satisfaction to customers at the implementation stage. One of the reasons for the success of the Global Cadre Institute in providing services is to have a scientific view of its founders and to have all the relevant licenses. Services such as registration of international marriages in Turkey, property purchase consulting, investment and business startups in Turkey, educational consulting in Europe and official translation with the seal and signature of the institute. It also has to lead Iranian and Turkish consultants.

Akbar khodadadi, Persian Business Lawyer in Turkey

Who has complete control over all legal and regulatory affairs in Iran and Turkey? And it works with experts from different countries, who are naturally very familiar with the laws and affairs of their home country.

Global Cadre, though a global institution, is the home of Iranians. And while paying more attention to the affairs of Iranian customers, by employing the Iranian staff in Iranian affairs, he has also tried to provide a well-deserved service to English-speaking and Arabic-speaking customers in Turkey. And to be recognized as one of the named institutions in this field.

Akbar khodadadi is one of the Best Iranian Business Lawyer in Turkey, He speaks: English, Farsi, Turkish

Akbar khodadadi, Iranian Business Consultant in Istanbul, Turkey, Iranian/Persian lawyer in Istanbul, Top Iranian Lawyers in Turkey